In the Midst of Starting August

Right after I quit my job, my automatic thought process was to immediately start looking for another one – because that’s the obvious, responsible, adult thing to do. The state of my emotional and mental self, though, was really quite a frickin’ mess. I was burned out, exhausted, hurt, confused, and running on 7 years […]

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Greater Love

After 18 months of engagement, Stephen and I had our wedding four weeks ago, an event that had been meticulously planned and hoped for and dreamed about – but the experience was one we could not have been less prepared for. The few weeks surrounding that day have been whirlwinds of deep, strange, and unspeakable […]

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Walking through the thick gray rain carrying a heavy heart that’s weighed down with weariness, seeking respite from both the cold and the sorrow inside. Keeping my eyes fixed staunchly downcast, I happened to notice a stark contrast – bright pink petals, once proudly in bloom lay withered and crushed and haplessly strewn in the […]

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